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I've enjoyed working with Leading Indicator Systems over many years. Their commitment to service, survey expertise and analytic capabilities are truly impressive. When I founded our new firm, I knew Leading Indicator Systems would make the perfect partner to help drive our leadership assessment programs.

David Casullo, CEO, Daneli Partners and Author, Leading the High-Energy Culture
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Individual (Multi-rater) Feedback

Our programs capture broad and deep feedback to drive individual performance and development:

Senior Leaders ‐ Leading with Vision & Purpose™

Senior leaders can drive profound value creation and organizational transformation. Leading with Vision & Purpose™ is our 360° leadership program. Based on our client work, we have validated 5 drivers of leadership talent. Reaching out to non-traditional groups, like the Board Members, Clients, External Peers, even Family, can enrich the learning at this level.


Managers often represent the best opportunity to build future leaders and drive improvement now. Our tools capture feedback at two manager levels ‐ senior and line ‐ with tailored competencies, behaviors and qualitative content. Some clients approach manager feedback as a 90° upward assessment (e.g. direct reports only), others as a 180° (e.g. self and directs), still others capture a full 360° view to support talent development.

Individual Contributors

Employees deep within your organization drive day-to-day performance. Our Individual Contributor tool captures feedback on key competencies and behaviors, including generalized and job-specific skills. And our platform and thoughtful reporting allows you to provide feedback, even from large employee pools, on a surprisingly cost-effective basis.

New Hires

New hires successfully on-boarded get productive faster and stay engaged longer. Our unique multi-phase, multi-voice assessment captures insight from the new hire, manager(s), mentor(s) and HR team at key points to ensure that the new hire is tracking a successful on-boarding journey and flag potential issues before they fester. Roll-up reporting provides insight to drive continuous improvement in your new hire process.

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Employee Surveys

Our programs capture feedback at various levels of the organization to identify issues and drive results:

Employee Engagement with Passionate Dedication™

Passionate Dedication™ is our comprehensive employee engagement program. Based on client work we have identified and validated 3 dimensions of engagement, comprised of 11 critical factors, each measured by a set of foundational questions. Integrating customer, operating and financial metrics, we can uncover the critical value drivers between employee engagement and business success.

The Culture-driven Organization

Strong, positive cultures enable organizations to achieve incredible results. Our work with some truly distinctive corporate cultures ‐ Henry Schein, Fidelity Investments and Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, among others ‐ has given us insight into how powerful cultures drive outsized success. We don't offer a canned culture survey because we've found that companies that value culture understand at a profound level that their culture is different… and they're right. We use our experience and tool kit to craft unique culture survey programs.

Aligned for Success™

Chief Operating Officers are tasked with execution. Our Aligned for Success™ tool helps them answer 3 critical questions: 1) Strategy ‐ does the organization know where it's going?; 2) Operations ‐ do we have the tools to get there?; and 3) Engagement ‐ are the employees committed for the journey?

Team Dynamics

More and more work is getting done in teams… multi-functional, time-delimited and including outside contractors and gig workers. Our team-based approach departs from the world of individual rating categories. We look at each team's self-ratings and ratings of other teams across an array of competencies and behaviors. These assessments deliver insights into key team dynamics, including shared purpose, collegiality and respect, and can pinpoint dysfunctional behaviors and boundaries.

Organizational Interaction

Teams form and disband based on short-term objectives. Departments exist to deliver long-term organizational functions. Their interactions can make your organization resonate with energy or grind to a halt. Our Organizational Interactions assessment gathers performance data ‐ responsiveness, service delivery time, accuracy of work, etc. ‐ on the critical internal processes across your organization, pinpointing where those interactions are working and how they could be improved.

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Customer Surveys

We help clients better understand their customers:

Customer Preference

Customers often make choices based on subtle differences in their preference hierarchy. Failing to understand what's really important can lead to over-investment in marginal areas, under-investment in key areas and even customer loss. Our Customer Preference tool helps you pinpoint what really matters to your customers.

Customer Journey

People experience your organization at many points along their journey from initial exposure to loyal customer. Understanding and tracking that journey can make the difference between lost customers and raving fans. Our Customer Journey tool helps you measure customer experience throughout the journey.

Client Service Experience

Professional service and other project-oriented organizations succeed one project at a time. Losing a client is painful, but missing an opportunity to recover is tragic. Capturing 360° feedback from all sides (client-side professionals and internal team members) of your client engagements enables a full view of the project and a powerful tool for honest client dialogue, continuous improvement and recovery.

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