Our robust survey technology platform, deep technical expertise and dedicated customer support team enable Leading Indicator Systems to develop and deploy world-class survey programs.

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We help our clients accomplish all of their survey objectives on their terms:

  • Have your own content? No problem; our platform accommodates the widest range of survey content; our egos can take it too!

  • Concerned about GDPR, privacy and security? No problem; we are fully compliant and highly secure.

  • The organization likes it's reporting? No problem; we'll match it down to the pixel!

  • Your organization likes to take control? No problem; we can put survey participants in complete control!

  • You want a full service administration partner? We do that too!

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Survey Design

New Content

We use a rigorous methodology to develop great custom content. We work with you to define your business objectives, model the issue being assessed, craft behavioral items to fill out that model and test content to ensure validity.

Content Refresh

We often work with clients to review and refresh their existing content, ensuring measurement continuity while capturing important new insights.

Our Content

We maintain an extensive library of assessments as well as a large library of survey items that we draw on to meet our client's needs.

Program Design

We work with clients to develop all aspects of a successful survey program, including program communications, target populations, survey-taker experience, participation, data integration (e.g. organizational hierarchies, employee feeds, and other data sets) and critical analyses to ensure you get maximum benefit from your results.

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Full-Service or Self-Service Administration

Our team is delighted to provide full service administration, including pre-populating all rater data, configuring all program parameters, and scheduling all communications and event activities so that everything executes automatically and seamlessly. Alternatively, you can take on administrative duties, including enabling self-registration, manager approval of raters, rater opt out, real time response monitoring and tools for managing / messaging participants.

Data Collection

We support all collection methods, including web, kiosk, IVR and even paper. We support anonymous/confidential collection (we don't know who the survey taker is; we rely on their demographic responses) and individualized/confidential collection via email link-based or password-based access (we know who the survey taker is and can append demographic and other data to the record and track the survey taker across assessment events ‐ all while maintaining confidentiality).

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Reporting & Analysis


Standard Reporting ‐ We maintain an extensive library of highly visual report templates designed to convey the meaning in survey results.

Custom Reporting ‐ Our team can work with you to design visually compelling reports that work in your organization and our survey platform enables us to deploy those report templates rapidly.

Report Processing & Delivery ‐ Our platform can generate individual results instantaneously in PDF format or on-screen display for on-the-fly assessment or process tens of thousands of report sets for an entire organization in a matter of hours. Results can be delivered via permission-based login or email distribution. Additionally, we can feed results to your HR performance system or dashboard.

Advance Analysis

We provide a full suite of data and statistical analyses:

  • Conduct reliability and validation studies

  • Develop predictive and explanatory models

  • Perform key driver analysis, linking survey and other data (e.g. customer, employee, operating, financial)

  • Analyze comparative judgment models

  • Conduct confirmatory and exploratory factor analyses

  • Conduct thematic analysis on qualitative (comment) data

These services ensure you're getting the most insight from your survey data.

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Advisory & Coaching

Leading Indicator Systems consultants work with clients in a variety of ways:

  • Developing communications materials

  • Interpreting results from survey and other advanced analyses

  • Conducting briefings and socializing results

  • Action planning around survey results

  • Coaching leaders and teams through their feedback

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